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Erotic Thriller Writer

Hi, I’m Amber, ex-ballet dancer,  Courtesan and lover of all things erotic. I write from the depths of my imagination, but mainly from experience. I sincerely hope my novels excite you as much as they do me when i write them.

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Properly Educated

Properly Educated

Romantic Sex Novel

 He’s the English professor you don't want your daughter to meet...
The kind of professor a young woman secretly fantasizes about...
From the moment nineteen-year old Cricket lays eyes on him, she's hooked...

Cricket's concentration on her first day at college is disrupted by her mysterious, American literature teacher, Professor Stephen Jacobs. From the moment she lays eyes on him, she's hooked...

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Tessa Takes Texas

Tessa Takes Texas

Fast Paced Erotic Western Romance

Tessa Watkins was Living a Quiet Life in the West

Until a Stranger Rides Into Town

Soon, Tessa is Experiencing More Than Just How to Shoot a Pistol...

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Erotica Thriller Writer

I’m 39 years old and live in the UK with two cats (Milo and Coco). I have been writing ever since I was a child and specialise in erotica fiction for adults.

What My Readers Say

Read. Love. Explore.

"I just love reading Amber’s books, they’re filled with so much erotic detail, still leaving plenty to the imagination, it’s like you’re really there, Take one of her novels to bed with you - but don't expect to sleep!"


"Amber really has a way of transporting you into her world. Her characters are so well developed it’s hard to believe you’re reading fiction"

Mason - 25 years old